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вторник, 22 июля 2014 г.

четверг, 17 июля 2014 г.

Loudguns – Sunset Runaway 2014

Loudguns started started out as a session project in 2009. Ever since being a little kid, guitarist Sami Pilve..more HERE

Age Of Artemis – The Waking Hour 2014

In the near future releases of the Brazilian metal band Age Of Artemis her second album "The Waking Hour.More info here

Blues Pills – Blues Pills (2014)

The young American-Swedish-French quartet create a very unique, intense and extraordinary rock atmosphere.More info HERE

AOR – L.A Connection 2014

The 17th of May is Frédéric Slama's AOR back with a new album called "LA Connection.More info HERE

Opeth – Pale Communion (2014)

The band continues their tradition of not repeating themselves but in a much better, more accessible way than they have in the past.More HERE